About District

We are District Fitness – A 100% Australian Owned business based in Wollongong NSW.


Our team of industry experts are dedicated to providing the best products at the best price completely backed by industry leading service and advice.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started with a garage gym or a busy gym manager in search of the next game changing addition –finding the right equipment can sometimes be a challenge!


We know, because we have personally been there!


From decades of gym floor experience, to home studios, to building one of Wollongong’s largest and most innovative commercial gyms - our team knows the value of high quality and functional fitness equipment!


We recognised an opportunity to create and bring direct to the public, revolutionary strength training products that provide unique attributes better meeting the needs of fitness enthusiasts of all levels, than many “look-alike” inferior products on the mass market.


Not only has our equipment  been tried and tested in partnership with functional commercial gyms, our staff also actively train on the same fitness products day in and day out!
We know the capabilities of each product from physical size to appearance to functionality & maintenance and have a unique working knowledge of the features and benefits of everything in our range!


District Fitness prides itself on offering products and services that other fitness retailers simply don't and we are damn good at it!

Our Core Values:


We believe integrity is an essential ingredient for sustainable, long-term, business growth and success. It can be hard to define and difficult to measure, but you know it when you see it, and it’s clear when it’s not there. We are committed to consistently doing the right thing by our clients each and every day!


We pride ourselves on developing and sourcing the highest quality and value for money products on the market. 

Value for money  doesn't necessarily just mean the "Cheapest" as this can mean low quality items or poor workmanship that wastes your money in the long run.

Value for money to us means - arranging the best available products, consistent with the defined specification, and taking into account factors such as quality, transport and installation costs, warranties, after sales service, reliability, maintainability, residual value and so on during the full life cycle of the product 


 To us, to collaborate means to evolve and we believe in the power of working together! We have some of the best professional minds among our team constantly working together to find opportunities in challenges presented to us and our customers.


We want to redefine the exercise experience with the courage and willingness to take risks, bring innovative ideas and be persistent with growing the standards of equipment across the entire industry!