The District Grip - Mid / Neutral

The District Grip - Mid / Neutral

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Take your back workouts to the next level with our Mid / Neutral District Grip!

Our collection of District Grips help you target hard to hit muscles in your back while keeping your wrists in a partial state of flexion to prevent grip failure & forearm fatigue!

The range features five different grips in three variations;
Neutral (palms inward), Pronate (palms facing away) and Supinate (palms facing towards you).

These heavy duty, premium quality steel grips have a durable easy to clean rubberised coating and unique palm support to disperse the force of the exercise throughout the entire hand, not just the fingers.

Each grip comes complete with a Stainless Steel Carabiner.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, add these to your collection TODAY!



Our goal is to provide the highest quality fitness equipment each and every time!