Tricep V Bar with Rubber Grip - Cable Attachment

Tricep V Bar with Rubber Grip - Cable Attachment

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Looking to add variety to your Tricep workout? Then this is the attachment for you!

The Tricep V-bar is a popular attachment for targeting the triceps. It utilises an angled bar which means a different hand position and movement pattern allowing you to move heavier weights more comfortably than a straight bar or rope.

This attachment will give your triceps a different stimulation meaning more growth. For the person that wants big arms, this is a good one to have around.

It is made from pure steel and includes slip resistant knurl textured rubber grips to protect and reduce wear and tear on your your hands. The handle end supports also keep your hands in position allowing you to push some seriously heavy weight.

Made to fit any machine with a cable attachment option, this is the perfect accessory to add to your collection.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality fitness equipment each and every time!